Injection molding

Our in-house plastic injection molding department completes our tool construction and enables us to supply everything from a single source. We have specialised in the sampling of prototypes and the production of small series. We are also familiar with special work such as inserts or 2-component injection moulding.




standard spritzteile

Standard molded parts

2k spritzteile

Multi-component molded parts

umspritze teile

Overmolding of inserts





Hyprid technology process

Insert process

In the insert process, prefabricated components ("inserts") are inserted into the mold and encapsulated with plastic. These inserts are often made of steel, other types of metal or plastic. Thread inserts and plug contacts, as well as entire mechanical or mechatronic functional assemblies, can thus be encapsulated with plastic.

Outsert process

In the outsert process, the insert has a larger volume or surface area than the plastic. For this reason, the plastic is injected into the insert. In this way, highly integrated components can be manufactured from plastic-metal composites with high strength and function.




Of course we process all standard plastics, but also high performance plastics like PEEK, PPS, PPA, COC and TPE-U (TPU).




  • Babyplast
    column distance 120mm
    closing force 100kN


  • Arburg Allrounder 370C 800-250
    column distance 370mm
    closing force 800kN
  • Arburg Allrounder 270C 250-60
    column distance 270mm
    closing force 250kN
  • Arburg Allrounder 220C 150-60
    column distance 220mm
    closing force 150kN


  • Ferromatik K-Tec 155
    column distance 560mm
    closing force 1550kN
  • Ferromatik Maxima 350
    column distance 710mm
    closing force 3500kN
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