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Kaiser Ingenieurbüro GmbH has been developing and producing mechatronic products in the medical technology, automotive, sensor technology and industrial engineering sectors for over 35 years. Outstanding references include the development of the first MP3 player (Micronas), the first generation of xenon light (Bosch) and the first portable D-network telephone (Hagenuk). For more than 10 years, Kaiser has been developing medical and laboratory technology products such as inhalers, insulin pens and general medical devices for leading pharmaceutical companies.

The accompanying tool and mold construction for injection molding processes allows highest flexibility and competence in the fields of plastics and metal processing. Kaiser has specialised in the manufacture of prototype and small series tools. The company's own plastic injection molding department enables us to supply everything from a single source. The company currently has 29 employees. Among them are engineers, designers, master craftsmen, skilled workers and 6 trainees. Among the customers are medium-sized companies from the region as well as large corporations from all over the world.



Founder interview


Every success is based on a vision. How did the Kaiser Ingenieurbüro's founding come about?

During my studies at the TH Karlsruhe I did different jobs in various fields - mechanical engineering, automation, plastics technology and mechatronics. This has given me a lot and I have learned many practical things and started very early to establish my professional network. I was attracted to plastics technology and mechatronics. At some point I had the vision of making me self-employed in this area and being my own boss.

What were the biggest milestones for the company?

The first milestone was certainly the decision to start my own business immediately after finishing my mechanical engineering studies. The next milestone was in 1992 the decision to build our office building in Endingen. The acquisition of our first machining centre including CAM system was a further milestone, as was of course the construction of our new tool and mold construction in 2000. Then there were many other milestones, but the last real one was certainly the succession arrangement with Holger Ebin.

What has been the most exciting thing in the last 35 years?

The whole 35 years were exciting! During these 35 years we have developed many interesting and innovative projects for our customers: The first D-network telephone, the first MP3 player, the first generation of rain sensors, the first xenon light. All these were very exciting projects. In the last six years the Urin-Analyzer and the WetGate were certainly the most exciting projects. And I can tell you: It remains exciting. We are currently working on a few new projects...

What challenges will the company face in the digital world of the future?

We made the step from the analogue world, the drawing board, to the digital world very early with the first CAD system. But that was a very small step when I think of the changes that industry 4.0 and even more artificial intelligence will bring us with Big Data! But I'm not afraid of that. No, on the contrary, we want to have a say in the digital world through our projects. I am looking forward to it!

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Company's history

Company's history



Bernd Kaiser founds the engineering office in Sexau.



New location
The Kaiser engineering office moves to its present design location in Endingen am Kaiserstuhl.



Tool construction
The company produces its first injection mold.



Mold construction and new production hall
The Kaiser engineering office establishes its own mold construction and builds a production hall at today's production site.



Injection molding
The company produces its first injection molded parts.



Multicomponent casting
Kaiser produces its first multicomponent injection molded parts.



Expansion of production
The Kaiser engineering office expands its production area with a new production hall.



Founding Aristos
Together with Eltroplan Engineering and PLC2 Design the joint venture Aristos is founded.



New Management
Holger Ebin joins the company as managing director.



Kaiser - Innovative Solutions
Kaiser positions itself as an innovative service provider with a rebranding.

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