Medical technology


Medical technology is one of Kaiser's most important fields of activity. In this field, we distinguish ourselves in particular through our expertise in the field of inhalers aus. You can also benefit from our knowledge in the field of analysis technology!




Inhaler Titel

We have been experts in the field of inhalers for over 15 years. As medical devices, inhalers produce aerosols or vapours that can be inhaled by patients. These are mainly used in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Especially in powder inhalers (Dry Powder Inhalers DPI) and nebulizers we have acquired valuable knowledge in recent years. We develop inhalers for all common generics for our customers. We also develop our own products to ensure that active ingredients are optimally inhaled.

Inhaler Eigenentwicklungen

In-house developments

Wir entwickeln für unsere Kunden Inhalatoren zur optimalen Ausbringung von Wirkstoffen. Neben dem Blist Air, entstanden auch die Inhalatoren Orion Inhaler, Whistle Inhaler und Cliphaler in unserem Hause.


Inhaler Generika


We are familiar with all major generic powder inhalers and nebulisers, including capsule inhalers (single shot, comparable with HandiHaler®), blister inhalers (multi shot, comparable with Advair Diskus® and Ellipta®) and soft mist inhalers (comparable with Respimat®).





Test benches and equipment for simulation and validation

We develop and apply flow simulation techniques to ensure optimal inhaler characterization.

sim x1
sim x2

In our in-house test laboratory we carry out emptying tests to validate the flow simulations and resistances. For this purpose we have specially developed test benches at our disposal.




What's medical technology?

Medical technology or biomedical engineering applies engineering principles in the field of medicine, combining technical knowledge, especially in problem solving and development, with the medical expertise of physicians to improve people's quality of life. Medical technology develops and manufactures products, devices and procedures for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases.

Analysis technology

Another field of activity within the medical technology industry is analysis technology.

Development project

BiotracerBiotracer render

The BioTracer is the world's first smart toilet that analyses urine fully automatically. Users can check their biological parameters at any time and adjust their fitness and nutrition programs accordingly. The BioTracer can determine ten different values based on urine analysis, including leukocyte count, protein, blood and glucose levels in the urine, and PH and nitrite levels. Various sensors are built into the body of the BioTracer to collect the data. After completion of the urine analysis, the values are sent to the smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Development project

Lab on a chip device

Lab-on-a-chip are microfluidic systems. With this technology, even the smallest amounts of a liquid can be completely and automatically analyzed on a single chip. Extensive biological, chemical and physical processes take place on the chip laboratory.

Lab on a chip device



Parts production for medical technology

We produce with our mold making and associated injection molding high-quality parts for medical technology.

medizintechnik teile

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