Industrial engineering


In our engineering office we work on exciting projects for industry. In addition to fixtures, equipment and test benches, we also create complex complete systems. On this page we would like to present you a selection from the last years.

Together with our partner dft, we have gained a lot of experience in the field of film digitization in recent years. Not only when scanning films, but also in countless other applications motors with special requirements are needed. We have specialised in drive technology.



Filmscanning / Digitization

Scanity HDR by dft

Kaiser works together with Digital Film Technology GmbH (dft) on exciting projects in the field of film scanning technologies and offers solutions for post-production, archiving and restoration of films. Among other things, the WetGate for the Scanity scanner was developed in order to be able to make excellent digital copies from damaged and scratched film materials.


As it passes through the WetGate, the film is immersed in a liquid with the same refractive index, allowing surface defects such as scratches and other damage to fill with the fluid and minimize scanning.


Wasser Fill Gif


With the help of the scanners, high-resolution and scratch-free digitizations of complete film archives can be realized. For example, around 9,000 hours from the Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) archive are digitized on a Scanity HDR with WetGate technology.

What is industrial engineering?

We associate the entire field of mechanical engineering with the industrial engineering sector. Our many years of experience in a wide variety of disciplines make us your ideal partner. Whether fixtures, equipment, test benches, drive technology or complex complete systems, we have qualified engineers and technicians in our team to master your tasks holistically.
Just ask us!

Fixture construction

We design and assemble fixtures for our own component assembly, but we also develop special manufacturing processes for customers and supply fixtures for assembly, testing and validation, incoming and outgoing goods inspection.

vorrichtung 1
vorrichtung 2
vorrichtung 3



Drive technology

Special tasks often require special motors. Over the years, we have built up enormous knowledge of drive technology, which we would like you to benefit from. We design and assemble drive technology and have access to a reliable network of partners who help us to optimally meet your needs.




Vibration damper

With the help of the vibration damper we have developed, highly sensitive sensors can be used even in the most extreme situations. Sensors that are mounted on it can also be used in minefields, agriculture or shipbuilding. The vibration damper dampens vibrations in all directions - both axially and in all directions of rotation.


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